Guitar Lessons – Voice Lessons – Piano Lessons – Recording Studio

Toronto Music Studio offers private lessons for adults in guitar, piano and voice. Located in Toronto’s East End, we have a professional recording studio and can take you from your first lesson to your first single.

All lessons are taught by David Matheson, a seasoned professional who has been making music and teaching people how to do it for decades.

Now, he teaches adults who want to develop their fluency in this great language we all share. By the time we’re adults, we’ve heard tons of music, so on one level we already know a lot. David can help tap you into that intuitive thing, so you can get it in your bones and play for fun, and ‘by ear’. It’s an approach personalized to your way of learning and your specific goals.

Guitar lessons, piano lessons, and voice lessons from David Matheson can get beginners started on the right foot and take more experienced players to another level. Lessons are tailored to your goals.

When you’re ready, we also offer a full-service recording studio to record your songs if that’s something you’d like to do. We make recording your music easy and affordable.

“David Matheson seems to be the perfect blend of technical expertise, superb ears and the nicest man you could share a studio with. His anticipation and organization were outstanding, his sense of humour and opinions invaluable.  I would not hesitate to use David’s services again, and would positively encourage others to do so.  He is a trusted and valued musical friend. ” – David Francey